A hand-picked collection of Python coders, React developers, Cloud & Site Reliability engineers, AWS Solution Architects and Data Scientists, managing complexity.

We hand-craft software for businesses in fintech, energy, mobility, health and tourism.

Advanced Programming Solutions is the partner of choice for companies who bet on technology as a growth lever. 

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Transparency, Flexibility, Reliability:  We believe open source and unarmed truth are the most profitable choice in the long term.

We use open source technologies and the Cloud magic to provide lean, robust and easy to maintain solutions for companies all over the world. 

Our stack includes Django, Django Rest Framework (WS), Python, Javascript, React, React Native, Go, Kubernetes / Docker, Amazon Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure Cloud, Digital Ocean, Tensor Flow, Keras, Spacy, Numpy, Pandas, R, NLTK, Statsmodel, Matplotlib, Seaborn, SciPy, scikit-learn

Our team is organized around 3 areas of expertise: 

  • Data & Artificial Intelligence
  • Site Reliability Engineering / Systems 
  • Development

Our flat and agile structure, with low administrative overheads, is oriented towards efficiency, speed, scalability and maximizing total value delivered. 

We love to contribute to the community via our public Github, but we also sponsor: 

  • PyConES the biggest annual Spanish conference for the Python community with 800 participants.
  • Django Girls Mallorca every year, a 1 day annual event where volunteers support to initiate local girls in web programming using the django framework. 
  • django Rest Framework development

On top of the above some of our team members are active hosts of PyData and Big Data & Machine learning local meetups.

Let us know how we can help your business.



Systems Engineering - DevOps

AWS Select Consulting Partners. Migration to Cloud end to end. High-Availability & Reliability in Cloud and Dedicated Servers. 24x7 monitoring. Alarms. System Integration. Containers. Faster and Stable operations applying Infrastructure as Code.

Web development

Tailor-made applications, backoffices, CMS, Responsive webs, e-Commerce sites, ERPs... Agile Development with Continuous Integration.

Mobile development

Native applications for iOS and Android with a rich mobile UI and attention to detail for better user engagement. Using Javascript, Vue and React to reduce cost and accelerate the time to market.

Data Mining

Algorithms design and maintenance. Application of Machine Learning, predictive analytics, patterns and images recognition. Unleash new opportunities through data science.

Digital Services

Modern and robust API and SDK development, business processes automation, SLOs/KPI design, monitoring and reporting.

Consultancy and Training

Technical Consulting and strategic support in digital transformation programs. Technical audits and training programs provided by domain experts.


We provide a clear delivery model and pricing aligned to each client need.

Fixed-price projects

Time and materials

Bank of hours

Project Teams

For more details, please contact us. We will find the model that fits you the best.



Open-source is our passion but also a thoughtful strategic choice. 

We say “no” to many things if not aligned to our vision: like being partners of vendor companies that set a sales quote in order to get such status. 

We prefer to keep our independence and recommend any solution that really is the best to help our customers.

This approach enables us to maximize the return for our customers, and avoid the creation of technical debt


Responsive web applications with HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, React, Vue and Angular


Python, Django and PHP applications.


We firmly support React Native.
  • Gitlab
  • Kubernetes
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • MySql
  • Postgresql
  • Redis
  • Elastic Search
  • Docker



Contact us

Edifici Europa - Planta baja
Galileo Galilei, s/n
07121 Parc Bit

Palma - Illes Balears - España

Office: +34 971 43 97 71
Mobile: +34 693 36 86 52

Looking for a reliable, long term, people oriented tech partner? Get in touch with us.