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Percona Conference 2019

Percona Open Source Database Conference 2019

    This year, the most important open source database conference in Europe has been in Amsterdam, lovely city and people, and perfect place elected by Percona.

As usual, Percona Conference has split into Tutorial day and conferences days. Advanced Programming Solutions only went to conferences days.


    As a simple summary, the database world is evolving, and this year the key notes did reference to expose the growth of clustering solutions ...

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Using Prometheus for monitoring Django applications in Kubernetes

Django application deployment architecture

Developing web applications with Django is very easy and fun: if you just follow the tutorial in a few hours you can have up and running your own website. However, deploying a Django site can be hard and you can end up running a site with a terrible performance if you don't follow the recommended guidelines to deploy a Django site to a production environment ...

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AWS Cloud Summit Madrid 2018 - pregunta expertos

APSL en el AWS Cloud Summit Madrid 2018

Seguimos en temporada de conferencias y esta semana teníamos cita en IFEMA para el AWS Cloud Summit Madrid 2018. Allí pudimos dar un repaso a las últimas novedades de AWS, seguir con ansia la aparición del kubernetes hosteado EKS y ponerlos al día con las estrategias de certificación para la plataforma.

Las presentaciones y temáticas principales del Cloud Summit de AWS giraron entorno al serverless como futuro de las arquitecturas ...

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