APSL is not only successfully growing their market share and team but it is also expanding to other disciplines.

We have now added Change Management and Process Improvement to our Digital Transformation portfolio bringing a professional, Margarete, with more than 10 years experience working with Business Transformation, Change Management and Operational Risk.

Margarete Okopny (Maggie) initiated her career in London as an accountant and during her accountancy role suggested and implemented improvements and controls to accounting processes while participating in the implementation of accounting systems such as Navision and SAP.

Maggie soon changed career to become an expert in Business Transformation and Change Management disciplines which were solidly performed for different companies since 2010.

Further information on Maggie’s experience can be found in her  linkedin profile:

Why would a technology company add Change Management and Process Improvement to its portfolio of services?

Because in times when businesses must change to follow the trends of a digital era, to meet the demands of their customers who are empowered with fast pace access to information and the competition who are reinventing themselves constantly to remain successful. The implementation of new technologies must go hand in hand with the people management side of the transformation.

Successful Digital Transformation is about bringing people along with these transformation and changes, it is about reinventing the way of doing things, it is about changing routines and understanding the end benefits which justify the hard work of the transition period for the new way of doing things.

How Process Improvement and Change Management come into this picture?

Understanding how the weaknesses in the processes across functions are affecting the business success will empower management to make the right decisions on how to place and empower their workforce as well as which technologies will strategically best support their processes and consequently their business.

Processes improvement, new technologies, new way of doing things will mean change in the routine for all involved in every level of the hierarchy and changes are not natural to the human nature and even less so if sudden and with little communication.

Changes are only fully successful when people affected are involved from inception to full implementation, are transparent and their benefits are clear and well communicated.

APSL acknowledging that Digital Transformation to be fully and successfully achieved requires the implementation and management of new technologies together with understanding how changes should also be managed from processes' and mostly important from people's perspective, now offer expertise in Process Improvement and Change Management.